PlanButVerify Personal Financial Planner grew from necessity.

Most of us live in confusion, if not fear, about where we stand financially. Therefore, we are uncertain what our future prospects are.  We push this uncertainty into the back corners of our minds.  The result is we cannot, or will not pay attention to our financial health.





And it is not that we are careless or lazy.  Rather, our education system fails to prepare most people for dealing with money and planning for financial stability.  And trying to confront this problem shows it is difficult to find a knowledge-based solution.  Relying solely on professional assistance is not totally adequate.  Getting help is passive, but backing up such help by acquiring knowledge greatly improves the chances of successful financial living.  And this is where our value to you lies.  We give you a path to the information you need, and the tools that make succeeding step-by-step and easy!

So, how does PlanButVerify make things better?

We provide the basic, core foundation of information. This gets the “average” person into a mindset that he/she is not helpless. Above all, they realize they can control the money-driven future.  Knowledge casts out fear.  But knowledge of what should be done about money is not enough.  We back up that knowledge with PlanButVerify Personal Financial Planner.   This easy-to-use software takes you through applying what you will learn! And the result is amazing!

You build your financial plan that guides you to a secure life.  Not a plan prepared by someone else, but by you!  A plan that includes everything that you know about yourself.  And what you plan to do in the future!  You have found the solution.

Our 7 step MINT Method ties everything together, making your success dependent only on your own commitment to follow along!