PlanButVerify LitePlus – Android


The LitePlus Version of the PlanButVerify Personal Financial Planner for Android tablets.  See version feature comparison below in Description.


PlanButVerify Personal Financial Planner

This is the LitePlus Version of our simple-to-use software tool.  It guides you through our 7 step DESIRABILITY method.  Gain a deep understanding of your current money situation.  Then, build a sound money blueprint.  Build a secure financial life!

Version comparisons:
                                          Input/edit your             Report financial future                Convenient support for
.                                         financial info*       for current year    |     for lifetime     trying alternative actions

Lite         Free                              X                              X
LitePlus  $4.99                            X                              X                                X
Full         $49.99                           X                              X                                X                                  X

*Upgrading to higher versions will NOT require re-input of your financial info.