How We Protect Your Information

Keeping your financial information safe is certainly at the top of your must-do list.  And it is also our top priority.  Let’s review how our PlanButVerify Personal Financial Planner software protects you.

First, PlanButVerify software installs on your computer or tablet.  It is not internet-based, running on some remote computer “out there somewhere“.  More important, your information is stored on your computer or tablet, and never is exposed to the internet.  The only instance in which your data ever goes onto the internet is if you elect to use email to send PlanButVerify reports to another party, a financial advisor, for example.

Let’s restate this in a most direct way;  both the software and your data exist on your device, and only on your device.  The internet plays no role whatsoever in the operations of PlanButVerify.  If you were to turn off your router, you would find that the entire functionality of PlanButVerify would work just fine.




And second, PlanButVerify protects you by only asking for information that could be of little, if any, use to anyone else, even if they did somehow get their hands on it.  Now this is a more subtle form of protection than simply making your information very difficult to get.  So, think about this.  The best way to start this off is to state what PlanButVerify does not ask for:

  • no Social Security numbers
  • no account names, numbers, institutions or any identifying info for any savings or investments accounts
  • no identifying information of any real estate or other property
  • no identifying information for any types of insurance you may carry

There is absolutely no need for any of this kind of information to be entered into PlanButVerify, so we don’t ask for it!  The only type of identification you enter is whatever you want to call whatever it is.  So, any names or labels you care to apply is fine with PlanButVerify.  Just be sure that they are meaningful enough to you that you will know what you meant when you entered them.  For example, you might enter the following:

  • Our house
  • Lake cabin
  • My life insurance
  • Her life insurance
  • Emergency fund
  • The mortgage
  • Conservative investment
  • Moderate risk investment
  • My car
  • Her car

OK, you get the idea.  So, even if your device is lost or stolen (never hacked – no internet, remember?), nothing truly useful to a finder or thief is exposed.  There is simply no juicy information to be exploited.

Also, you might want to visit our Privacy Policy page.  There you can learn more about who we are, where we are and a bit of how this website operates.  When you visit, we want you to feel secure in being here.  We can never have too many friends!


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