Let’s Solve The Money Puzzle

You aren’t comfortable thinking (or trying to not think) about your money.  Or how it has a strangle-hold on your future.  Join the club, it’s a large one.

Why is that club so big?  The answer is simple.  Unless you studied finance or business in school, or work in some part of the business world, where would you have learned enough about money?  The fact is that the role money plays in our lives is not easily understood.  And in trying to understand it, we often see it as a puzzle.

Like a puzzle, our money situation has many pieces.  We earn it.  We spend it.  We save and invest it (hopefully).  We have no idea how much is enough to last our lifetimes.  We need to manage it even though we can never completely predict the future.  So how do we ever get these pieces to fit together to form a comfortable and secure life?

Our 7 step MINT Method and tools to implement it provide the answer!  This method is summarized below:

  1.  Stop worrying.  Set a goal.  Get started, take action toward the solution.
  2.  Read the easy-to-understand materials we provide, and get your solid money-knowledge base.
  3.  Download our software tools (free to get started).
  4.  Use our tools and guidance to build a money plan for life.
  5.  TEST your plan!  (This is our unique advantage.  Prove that the plan will actually work!)
  6.  Compare the plan result against your goal.
  7.  Repeat 4, 5 and 6 until your plan protects your entire life.

We guide you every step of the way.

And the uncertainties of the future are easily dealt with by making copies of your plan. And then trying out the “what-ifs”, that is, things that you may decide to do in the future (i.e. target retirement year).  But also try out plausible future events that you don’t have control over (i.e. your life span).  You can quickly build these alternative plans into an unlimited library of possible futures and their impacts on the quality of your life.

The thing to keep in mind is that puzzles have a solution, once you are sure your have all the pieces.  We show you how to get them all.


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